Application Process

In general, we do not fund unsolicited proposals.  However, if you feel that your organization may fit our funding profile, you are invited to send a brief (two page maximum) letter describing the following:

  • Your organization, mission, services provided, and experience in the field
  • A brief description of your proposal (how you intend to use the grant money and how it fits into your organization’s priorities)
  • The amount and terms of your grant request
  • The contact information of your organization, and someone we can speak to about your proposal.

If we approve your letter of inquiry, the second stage of the process will request:

  • A full application for funding

There is no deadline for an application.  The officers meet throughout the year to evaluate organizations and proposals.   Please bear in mind, however, that we will not consider more than one grant to any organization in a calendar year, and any future grants are always subject to a re-evaluation process and approval of the officers.  We will try our best to respond to your request as soon as possible (usually within a few weeks of receiving information.)

Grant Reporting and Renewals

Grantees are expected to submit a report within six to eight months after receipt of a grant from the Foundation.  At this time we have no formal grant reporting form, so an organization can use their own form, or send a brief one to two page letter if desired.  As stated above, grants are not automatically renewed.  Renewals are reconsidered by the officers every calendar year with each new grant.